Ninii is a rising Nigerian Afropop artist who for many years has been performing in night clubs and at small shows and weddings in Lagos.

In November 2019, she embarked on a series of studio recordings with her mentor, Joji Dimanu who wrote and co-produced her songs.

Spontaneous is the first in a series of hot, popping new Afropop sound from Ninii, the newest act in town.

Spontaneous is a bold, empowering, afro-pop song that portrays female dominance in a continent still dominated by male chauvinism.

It’s about a self-confident, successful, African woman who woos a handsome man she meets on the street, takes him to her home, has her way with him, then discards him much to his chagrin and consternation.

The song/video challenges the prevailing practice/notion in Africa that it is a man who should woo a woman. In other words, what men can do, women can equally do.

Watch below:-